Kinmen County Public Library
Tel: 082-328638
Address: No.66, Sec. 1, Huandao N. Rd., Jincheng Township, Kinmen County 89350, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Introduction: Social education is about encouraging people to think, the spreading of knowledge, the building of public character, enriching peoples lives, as well as accelerating the pace of social development and national progress. It forms an important part of the national education system. The promotion of social education in this country dates back to Mr. Tsai Yuan-pei in the early years of the Republic. The nature of social education, as well as its organization and name, has evolved over the year...
Jinsha Township Public Library
Tel: 082-353354
Address: No.61-1, Guojhong Rd., Jinsha Township, Kinmen County 89049, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Introduction: The Book Club was formed to realize the goal of building a library in every township to balance local cultural development and harmonize cultural standards. The provision and loan of venues for cultural activities serves to raise the quality of arts and culture, improve social morals, and enriches the minds of the local townspeople. In accordance with the Kinmen Regional General Development Plan, Executive Yuan Letter Yuan Letter No. 05695 dated 1990.1.11 and Ministry of Education Letter No...
Jinhu Township public library
Tel: 082-334695
Address: No.6-2, Linsen Rd., Jinhu Township, Kinmen County 89142, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Introduction: The planning and construction of a new library was approved under the Kinmen Regional Enhanced Social Education and Cultural Development Plan to strengthen cultural development, improve the quality of life for residents, and the effective promotion of social education activities. The library was completed at the end of January 1994, after 210 working days at a cost of NT$92 million in construction funds. For more than 8 years it not only provided the local people with a quiet and comfortab...
Jinning Township Public Library
Tel: 082-324776
Address: No.7, Ren’aisincun, Jinning Township, Kinmen County 89250, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Introduction: Jinning Town Hall started planning to build a town library that would revitalize cultural development in the area. The library was opened to the public in May 1997, to provide a more spacious and multi-function reading space to the public. This was how the Jinning Town Library came to be.
Lieyu Township Public Library
Tel: 082-363103
Address: No.40, Houjing, Lieyu Township, Kinmen County 89442, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Introduction: Lieyu Town Library is located in the center of Lieyu. The library was built in 1992 and officially opened in 1993. Facilities include a multi-purpose conference room, open-shelf reading room, periodicals room, meeting room, editing and binding rooms, offices and chief librarian office. The library collection currently exceeds 14,000 books and is organized using the New Classification Scheme for Chinese Libraries into the following categories: General, Philosophy, Religion, Natural Sciences...
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